Proffieboard boot issue

I installed a proffieboard v2.2 recently. The board worked for a little bit and I put it down for about a week before working on it again.

When I picked it up to test it, the board didn’t boot correctly and said “font directory not found” it does this for every font.

I figured I should check the SD card. The fonts were all present(maybe I should just reload them on anyway) and then also re-flash the board. The saber boot up correctly with the USB plugged in. So this confused me.

Are these symptoms anyone else has run into?

That’s a bit weird.
Did you try charging the battery?
Do you have a common directory?
What does the serial monitor say? Does the output of the pwd command match what you expect?
(and the directory names on the sd card?)

So the board operates correctly with all the LED’s and switches.

I have a feeling it’s a low battery and maybe the negatives on the RCP are wired incorrectly. Things are in the way obstructing my view of it, so I’ll pop some glue seems and keep you posted.

The board compiles correctly. All the font are on the sd card and match what is in the config.

After further testing… the negatives were reversed on the RCP which resulted in the smart charger reading as if the battery was fully charged.

The battery was completely dead and resulted in the proffie acting the way it did.

No problem here, just an idiot blindly asking questions to the internet.


maybe, but you learnt something. and chances are you’ll be more vigilant on the wiring of things in the future.

the only dumb questions are the ones that you didn’t learn from.

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