Proffie V3 glitching after install

Hey guys, I just finished up my install. But when I wanted to boot it up for the first time, my SD card seemed completely dead. Not only that, my board is glitching all over. Nothing seems to work and it makes weird sounds after using another SD card. After troubleshooting, I realized that I wired my board with the SD card still inserted. Could that have killed my board (and SD card)? Or do I need to try a fresh SD card, re-upload the config and try booting it up?

EDIT: After inserting my other SD card into another saber, it seems like this SD is now corrupted too. So now I think I have a corrupting Proffie V3, if that is possible…

Cutting the power while the SD card is writing to the card can cause problems.
ProffieOS 7.x tries to make sure that such problems are limited and recoverable, but that only works if the SD cards behave in a sane way, and there is no guarantee that SD cards behave in a sane way. It’s fairly easy to imagine problems popping up if you’re connecting/disconnecting the power a lot while testing stuff.

Those problems should go away if you format the SD card and copy the files into it, unless the SD card itself is bad in some way.

Well, my SD card is definitely not functioning properly. This happened after I soldered the wires while the SD card was still mounted. Could that cause issues with the board? Because currently this board seems to be an SD card killer, I have two “dead” SD cards that Windows can’t see anymore (only when I re-upload the config in Arduino with Serial + Mass Storage enabled).

One of the SD cards was bought pre-pandemic, the other one is from the latest Proffie V3 batch.

I wanted to add a few videos showing the problem, but Crucible isn’t letting me (saying only image formats are allowed in video??)

I found the issue! My data 2 and blade detect pad (data 3) were mixed up in the config. To think two numbers could cause so many issues.