Problem with uploading anything to the saber


I am new and I ran into some problems
I could find anything here so I ask

I want to add a new soundfont
I did everything that I use to do but when u upload the configuration file with ardiuno it will start uploading and then kick the saber out of the PC.
arduino will then give ne an error saying that the current directory is invalid

in order to see the saber on my pc I need to plug the USB cable in and out

Is there any solution ? I have big plans for the saber but I am 3h in and haven’t even changed a single thing on there

Did you by any chance forget to do “eject safely” before clicking upload?
If that’s not the problem, post the actual error messages, maybe there are some clues there.

I solved it.

it was the Saber driver that didn’t install properly. It showed the saber I could access it but not upload it.
got it now