Presets issues

I have a selection of presets in my config file.
And I was trying something with the new OS6 Workbench trough web-usb.

But now I am stuck with only the web presets. How can I change it back to the config file presets ?

You can delete presets.ini from your SD card, it will remove all edits and restore the original upload.

thx, will there be a feature that let you switch presets from web-usb and sd-card.
Or edit sd-card presets trough web-usb ?

just wondering

When you edit your presets in Edit Mode or Workbench the “edits” are saved to presets.ini. Those edits are then applied when you boot your saber. If you want to make additional edits you’d just edit again. There’s no way to “switch”, you either edit or you don’t.