PR - First Attempt

As a beginner in coding I’ve tried to create my first Pull Request for Proffie OS. The purpose is to add another color argument so that one more inhilt color edit can be added to edit mode.

I’m trying to figure out the chain of inclusions that allow arguments to function.

#include "styles/edit_mode.h" in ProffieOS.ino seems to be the line that picks up the ARG section for inclusion, so I made adjustments in the edit_mode.h that feel superficial.

What’s the next tier of code that makes an argument function? Is there one and if so where is it located? Having trouble knowing where to continue. Anybody willing to give me a nudge in the right direction :)?

You’re not going to get this working in Edit Mode without redesigning the menu structure and multiple functions in my prop.

If you’re just wanting additional arguments to edit on your own you don’t need a PR. Just add this to the style (although you’ll have to manual edit presets.ini if you’re wanting to edit).

Just set the first value above 32 (as those are the arguments set aside for Edit Mode).


or just use a different existing color argument, unless you have EVERY color already set up you can use the existing arguments where you want, you’d just need to know which you set up, see the “Build a Sequence” on my library for how to apply other effect colors to a base effect:


First of all, adding new arguments HAS to be done at the end.
Otherwise everybody’s presets.ini will stop working.

You would also need to add the new argument(s) here:

Adding support for it in edit mode is a bit more complex, as I think you would need support for it in the voice packs as well.