Powering Proffie V2.2 Via Voltage Regulator

Hi, I am looking to power the Proffie board from a Voltage regulator or BEC.
This will enable me to add a 7.6v battery and power some neopixels at a greater voltage.
I have looked at the schematic and can see 5V input to diode connected to U60 onboard regulator.
I believe there is no problem with this other than the possibilty of swithcing noise from non linear regulator.

Any reply would be greatly received.


I’m not sure if hooking it up to the 5V pad is the best idea.
I would just hook up the regulator to the BATT+ pad, which can handle 5V just fine.

Thank you for the reply proffezorn.
I will go trough the BATT+ pad.

Grateful thanks for open sourcing and passing your hard earned knowledge to everyone. You are an inspiration to myself and many others.