Possible malfunction, constant reboot/change font

So i used the helper to make a config that supported fetts prop buttom file. Everything was fine until one day it turned on. And juat kept repeating the font name over and over. This wouldnt stop until i put back in the battery and reset it. Is it possible my clampcard was adjusted too tightly and kept cycling font? Or is it something i maybe did in the config?

Might be crashing for some reason. Could also be a stuck button as you pointed out.
What does the serial monitor say?

It sounds like the button is stuck or shorted. I don’t think the config helper could cause but post the config so we can have a look.

As profezzorn notes the Serial Monitor (under Tools in Arduino) is the best way to see what is actually going on.

Would you like that posted here? Or pasted to paste bin andnlink shared here

I think it was the button. Since i first contacted you and you told me to post here i have swapped the pieces around that core. Mainly the clamp card. And it hasnt been freaking out ever since. So its possible the little.screw under the cards button was just too tight and was causing it to constantly shuffle, which then made it trip. Since it stopped i havent ran seriel monitor yet

OK, if it reoccurs start with Serial Monitor. If it’s gone away it’s highly unlikely it’s software based.

Understood. Thank you for the help