Pads vs MOSFETs for power distribution

Just seeking a little clarification on a wiring question that’s been in my brain for a bit. Sorry if my terminology is wrong.

Soooo… The common practice for wiring a neopixel connector that I see is we run two 24 awg to neopixel connector negative off pads 2 and 3, OR a 22 awg off those same pads that have been bridged… Is this to split the load between 2 pads or 2 different MOSFETs? Both?

The 3 MOSFETs up by the LED pads, each controls 2 pads correct? Left side for pads 1 and 2, middle for 3 and 4, and right for 5 and 6?

Is this what’s going on or am I way off?

Any info much appreciated.

There are MOSFETs on both sides of the board.
The top side with the USB port are 1, 3, 5, while the SD card side are 2, 4, 6.
2 is beneath 1,
4 is beneath 3,
6 is beneath 5.


Oooh, forgot to look under there. Ok, one FET per LED pad, got it.

So provided you set the blade powerpins up properly in the config, it won’t matter which you use then correct?

That’s correct.

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

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