One Button Color Change Not Working?

Hey all. So I have a new dooku one button proffie v3 using fetts button prop set. The 4 click color change is great. But it does not save. It just goes back to the original color.

I have thee following in my config:

#define SAVE_STATE

any ideas? thanks for the support!

Should be just Click PWR to save. You will hear ccend.wav (if you have one),
What does it do exactly?
Are you using color list?
Regular RotateColorsX?
Do you have COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT active?

I do not have COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT active

it literarily just goes back to the original color

Are you using color list? I dont think so.

ccbegin, ccchange, and ccend are the sounds that can play when you enter, change, and exit color change mode. They are not required, but add to the experience for sure.
Got a video of what’s happening? That could be helpful.

Here’s some sounds I have in a folder if you want to try them. Just pick one of each and rename them without the number .
They can go in the font directly, or in a common folder so all presets can use them globally.

Sure see here: [V
Dookuv3.h (39.3 KB)

I cant see your video. it wont play

How about now?
That’s using the style from your first preset that uses RotateColorsX. "That gives you the “color wheel” version of color change, where you spin though all possible hues while rotating.
Getiing prcise is done by double clicking and holding to “zoom” in and slow down the rate of change so you can get to a precise color.
However, as you can see, clicking power will save it, and if zoomed (holding the double clicked button) releasing saves it.

No idea what this means ;-/ whats zoom? sorry im still learning here.

This is using a style that uses Color List (the style uses arguments, like for the base color it has StylePtr<Layers<AudioFlicker<RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,Rgb<0,0,255>>............

This will cycle through 27 pre-configured colors as shown in the video.
I also have the define active to speak the color names #define FETT263_SAY_COLOR_LIST_CC

These are the instructions right out of the prop file explaining this all.

Color Change = 4 Clicks PWR (parallel or down)
  Rotate Hilt to select color (unless ColorChange<> style is used with COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT*)
    If styles use Edit Mode Color Editing styles, Color List is used
    If styles use ColorChange<> then colors within the style are used
      *if COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT is defined then each click will change color instead of turn
    Otherwise ColorWheel is used per style set up.
  Click PWR to save
  Color Zoom* = Double Click and Hold PWR, Release to Save
    *For Color List or ColorWheel you can Hold PWR down to zoom in color for easier selection
     Release PWR to save

How does color change work with your prop if

  • Main blade style uses RotateColorsX
  • second and 3rd styles for accents use Edit Mode ARG based styles?

OP is not getting saving of main blade color, but accents are.
If adding #define FETT263_SAY_COLOR_LIST_CC the main blade shows it going through color list speaking the colors. With the define removed it’s color wheel. Either way it’s not saving the color change on the main blade.

I assume this is an issue of mix-matching different color change modes within a preset?

Also, what’s with Argify in the Style Editor? For example,
Audioflicker only has the first color argified, the second color goes plain.

Does the second color also need to be BASE_COLOR_ARG? or ALT_COLOR_ARG?

What is ALT_COLOR_ARG really anyway?

You can’t mix Color Editing and Color Wheel they are very different mechanisms. Color Editing is controlled blade by blade and effect by effect, whereas Color Wheel is universal for a preset for all blades and effects. Color Editing takes precedent in my prop because Variation does not “play nice” with Arguments. He’ll need to generate Main Blade styles in my library that use BASE_COLOR_ARG.

If you use ColorChange Mode with any Color Editing styles, you’re “editing” BASE_COLOR_ARG on all blades simultaneously so if a blade is missing BASE_COLOR_ARG nothing changes.

Argify is a very simple approach of swapping one color for an argument per effect it can find, which doesn’t really handle correctly in styles with more than one color for any given effect. That’s why I manually had to rebuild all library styles from OS5 to OS6 to correctly handle the Arguments, there’s no “short cut” to create Color Editing styles, that’s why it’s best to generate in my library it handles everything for you, otherwise you have to manually rewrite the style to work properly.

Hey Fernando,

So I simply want a cannon red audio flicker… I did exactly what you said. Grabbed a style from your library, put it in my main blade, but kept the accents the same as shown in my current config and what is happening is color change is changing the accents at the pommel of my dooku, not my main blade.

Is there anyway to sync this simply? So that the blade matches the accents? Here is my config

dooku config -

sorry I forgot accent 1 (the red button) dooku congfig -

Which library? Style code looks like OS5, that’s wrong syntax. It should be OS7 library with Base Color selected.

You should also keep the copyright and style information intact, it doesn’t impact memory and contains a lot of important information for using and editing the style as well as any troubleshooting. If you delete this information I will not troubleshoot issues in the style.

I used this I just copied and pasted

Fully Responsive AudioFlicker Canon Jedi/Sith Neopixel Lightsaber Styles

The end goal here. is for both the pommel accents and main blade to match and color change. and for the red button to stay red. Thank you for the help!

The accents were provided by the installer. Same as the main blades. So I just changed the main blade and kept the accents provided. Just for context

I will try a OS 7 style.

Use OS7 library, keep “Base Color” selected for both styles and they will automatically stay synched when you use Color Change.

Since your installer removed the style copyright and information they’ll have to troubleshoot for you or you need to regenerate a new style and keep the necessary information section at the top of the style code. I can easily troubleshoot if the information is intact, without it I can’t.

Sounds good. So I used your OS 6/7 library and now color wheel is working on the main blade! very happy about that. however the pommel is not matching. Config here.

Appreciate the help. I am happy to just keep the pommel red. Really I just wanted my color change to work on the main blade and now its doing that. So thank you again. Ideally though would be nice if the accents matched the blade color when changed.

If you have a solution for the accents color to match the blade that would be nice. But this works too :-).