OLED on/off

Is there a way to control when the OLED is turned on/off in the presets? More specifically, can I set it to turn on only when Blade Present is off to save battery? In most of my installs the OLED is only visible when the chassis is out or at least the hilt is partially open. Thus, I think it’s a waste of battery, CPU and OLED life to use it while the main blade is on. On the other hand, if it was only on when the chassis is out, I could put more effort adding animations to the prop for chassis display.

Could you clarify the exact result you are looking to do?
I think you said when blade is present AND off.
Then if NoBlade, have it “on” always?
The OLED display is technically never off when wired to GND, it’s just drawing black on the screen when it’s “off”.
I suppose it could be wired to an available LED pad and have a FET control the power to it. Then powering it off when the saber turns on would be just a matter of setting the blade style for that blade to be Black when on and White when off. Stick that style in a preset array that is active when you have a blade, then have a StylePtr<White>() style for a preset array that is chosen when you have NO_BLADE.

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OLEDs don’t draw much power (~20mA), so turning it off while the main blade is on will not save much battery. Might be worth it for CPU speed reasons though.

Yes, it might be my OCD, but having it doing animations while nobody can watch it seems wasteful.

It’s not only current, but CPU and SD throughput.