OLED Battery PLI

Hello all,

Is there a way to “call” the default battery PLI function to stay on for the OLED? I am using a few different animations for different states. For “idle” or “on” specifically I would like the PLI to stay on. When I leave those without any defined animations, it shows the PLI briefly then goes to blank screen until one of the other states activates a defined animation.


There is an (undocumented) define for it:

#define PLI_OFF_TIME 3500

If you set it to something very large, like a billion, it will stay on.

Oooooh, I see. And is this specifically for “idle”? I’ve found that it actually does stay on for “on” if you dont have anything else assigned.

Yes, if I’m reading the code correctly, then PLI_OFF_TIME doesn’t do anything when the saber is on.

Excellent I’ll give it a go. Thanks again!

Oops. I’ll try to remedy that unless someone beats me to it.

Added. Hope that’s a good description.
Also added mirrored.

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