Nrf5340, potential BT audio transmitter

This particular BT module seem to support the new LC3 bluetooth standard, and also I2S input. In theory, that could make it ideal for transmitting audio from a proffieboard to a BT receiver (which would have to support LC3 as well of course.)

The dev board looks like it might be easy to work with, but the BT module itself looks like it would need to be soldered to something to make it useful.

Of course, these processors are powerful enough to run all of ProffieOS, so maybe it would be better to build a Proffieboard out of one of these than trying to use it as a separate BT module…


Bluetooth audio is the one thing missing from the world of Proffie, so it would be fantastic if this could be made to work. Though creating a new audio-specific Proffie out of a new processor sounds like a ton of work to me - not that I know too much about such things. But if there’s anything I can do to help within my limited IT skillset, count me in. :slight_smile: