Not receiving config file from store

Hello i purchased a nihilus saber from lucifersaber and they did not include a config file, after some
e-maling they referred me to

Is there anything i can build from that?

Nope, tell them you need the config.h file they used to program your saber, not a prop file. If they don’t know the difference they shouldn’t be taking money from someone for a Proffieboard saber.

Yeah i’ve already asked for a full or partial refund.
Only reseller for Darth Nihilus COTF lightsaber, which i need for my 501st legion outfit. Really sucks

Is it okey if i ask something else?
The blade is doing some flickering when rotating colors, is that due to a faulty blade or is that common?

Depends on the style, etc.

Ah okey, thank you!

It can be hard to get that particular saber so I get why it’s great to just have one.

You can always start with a new config, but you might need some time to figure it out on that first upload. So maybe between trooping/cosplay events, give it a try.

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We’ll see if they agree to a partial refund, then i could maybe send it to korbanth of something to have it improved.
Couldnt really find anything on makin a new config do you have any advice?
I figured the whole checking on what connections its solderd too through fetts forums.

The config well also contain info about the interior layout of your LEDS, switches, etc.

Do you know if you have a proffie V2.2 or 3.9?

Its a v.2.2, opened and checked as soon as received the saber.

Did you check this out yet then:

Kinda links to everything you need :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll check it out while i wait for the store to respond.

First, could you please take down the screen shot. Community guidelines: they cost a lot of server space. Text with functioning links would be most useful here. Seems they made changes at many levels.

Done! Thanks for pointing it out

" No problem at all. Here you are, the full project we use to program our proffie configuration. Remember it is a v2 proffie, that requires the appropriate arduino software and proffie plugins to work, as indicated in

Just some words of cautious:
We don’t usually send this unless clients are fully aware of what they will do. It could result in a catastrophic failure if the board layout doesn’t match the software configuration. Some pins support high intensity, and you have to be sure they match the soldered board. We can support you with any doubt about the configuration, but we can’t be responsible for any electronic failure in the board after any programming attempt.

Said so, we totally encourage people to go ahead and tinker with this incredible project. As you mentioned, its biggest strength is its infinite possibilities.

Regarding the linked folders:


Regarding our project modifications:
The proffieOS folder contains the main proffieOS.ino. It has a bunch of config files, being LS_Neopixel_Basic.h, the one currently in use. This config file has different presets in the saber.

The base prop used for our sabers is saber_sa22c_buttons_LS.h. You will find the full list of functions in that file with our one button configuration.

How did we go from them sending you info on @Fett263 's prop to them sending you a modified version of @SA22C 's prop?

Anyway, now you have the config. You can view it by opening in any text editor. Most people recommend Sublime Text.

I’ve downloaded the sublime text, tried out visualstudios but prefer sublimes layout
Was about to start and run through megatooths tutorial and got curious if there’s a way to see if you’ve run zadig earlier.
Not quite sure if i ran through that process beforehand.

I recommend using proffie-dfu-setup.exe instead of zadig.
However, you can use zadig to see what driver is associated with the “STM32 BOOTLOADER” device. (When you get to step 6 in the instructions.)