No response from the proffie board. Sound or light

Oh I breezed over the missing pads part. There’s always the other side of the board though :slight_smile:

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That’s actually a really good point lol. I’m gonna try the other sides pads

Sometimes my stupidity amazes me lol

Although in my defense, I must admit in my wayward youth before switching to proffie, I had a batt+ pad delaminate on a CFX and it wouldn’t work on the other side :man_shrugging:

Some pads on the proffieboard requires both sides, and the connection between to work properly. I think BATT+ might be one of them… I would have to check the PCB layout to be sure though.

Dont worry about it, this was on CFX. I learned the lesson very quickly how to prevent that from happening again. I have, however, seen a FET blow so hard that it delaminates the pad beneath it. Reused the board in a single blade build where the board isnt accessable so nbd, but worth mentioning.

Hey could you 3D print a chassis for me? Or do you just keep it as a personal hobby. Either way no hard feelings.

PM’ed you. :slight_smile:

I would recommend you get a couple of these and practice your soldering until you get nice, neat consistent joints. Much cheaper than learning to solder on an expensive Proffieboard.

And as others have said, flux is your friend. You only need the tiniest amount of it, but it makes all the difference.

There are also lots of online soldering tutorials on Youtube, but from my own channel, there are a couple of shots at 7’33" on this video that show how joints should be made and what they should look like. You can see the iron gets held on the joint for a moment, the solder added (the wire is already tinned and the pad fluxed) then the iron is removed. You can see the solder go from molten to cooled where it’s ‘flowed’ down into the hole to make for a sound joint.