New diagnostics and configuration tool

I currently spend some time on a new “Proffie Administration Tool”.


Initially I tuned the original app by profezorn to find a Bug.
But I had too much time waiting on a new proffieboard, so I had implement more and more things. Finally it will be able to create a complete config and flash it via Browser.

If you want you can test 2 things.

  • The Diagnostics Workbench(DEVELOPER COMMANDS must be enabled)
  • the bladeArray editor

there are also some hints for headless server compile of proffieos.

This is heavy under construction, so if you are not a developer, ignore this.

@profezzorn pls check if there are any copyright violations of your work
@Fett263 it would be great if I be allowed to implement your style editor

and feel free to join.
I would prefer to invite you to the github rep, so I can set it private again to prevent stupid questions.


The Style Editor is profezzorn’s. I incorporate it as a previewer in my library but it is his creation.

I don’t have time to help on other people’s stuff.

I’ve already created the tools on my site to work together. I would recommend just linking to the public access library, it is always in flux and portions are limited for my Early Access patrons. My library already handles access and permissions so it should remain standalone.

As long as your work is open-sourced, there should be no violations.


@profezzorn Of course it will be open-source

@Fett263 Dont panic. You are the master of the styles and I dont want to do a competition thing. I love your lib. And I dont need help.

So I will set it private again till its in alpha state.

Repo changed to GitHub - aeinstein/Proffieteur: Full Proffieboard Management Tool. Create Configs, compile and flash

First complete version.
Public server will be available soon

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