Need help

I am very to to all this, so please judge away, i tried to update my bored, and now everything seems strange, like all i wanted was to add gestures and stuff, to twist on and off, haha, and i need the Anakin Skywalker Ep 3 font and sound.
I used Arduino did all the steps, i installed the OS from the Fredrick.hubble ( i think thats the one)
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Meg has one of the most comprehensive videos out there.

This page has helped many new users, take it step-by-step in order and read everything as you go.

If you heed help with your config try this tool.

now im trying to figure out how to turn on gestures on Padawan outposts lightsaber haha

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You probably already know this, but I will say it anyways just in case you don’t:

For the most part, there isn’t a way to just change a single setting on a proffieboard. Instead, you have to re-program the board which overrides all the settings and programming on the board. Ideally, when you do this, you take the same config file as was used previously, make a small change to it and then upload. That way, the only actual change will be the small change you made.

There are some exceptions though. If programmed for it, some settings can be changed with menues or the proffieos workbench.

Didnt know this, im pretty sure ive messed the bored up, haha and cant see a way to revert it all back,

I have a different proffie bored untouched, can i remove the SD card then take the Config file, and then re uplaod thos to my other one, would thos then have the same settings as the 2nd one?

When you program a proffieboard, it compiles the config file (together with ProffieOS) into code and uploads that code into board memory. It is not stored on the sd card. The compilation process isn’t reversible, so you can’t really get a config file from a board. However, there is a way to get the compiled code from a board, and you can copy to another board to get an exact duplicate. [1] Note that this won’t work properly unless the sabers are wired the same and uses the same fonts.

Now, we all recommend that installers put a copy of the config file and/or proffieos (with the config file) on the SD card, so it is likely that you will find a copy of the config file you need to restore your saber to the way it was there. A config file from another saber may also work, but only if it is wired the same way and uses the same fonts.

[1] ProffieOS Documentation: How to back up a Proffieboard

Its basically the same saber front 2 different companys, ill see if i can get the config file from the other company