Need help

any idea what went wrong ?

exit status 1

Compilation error: ‘AudioStreamWork’ has not been declared (config -

You have 2 blades defined so each preset needs 2 styles.

{ "font;common", "font/tracks/track.wav",

Im not sure i understand the format you sent, and i recently added the effect battery style, im guessing thats the problem ? Where exactly to put the other StylePtr ?

“StylePtr<…>()” represents the style code for your preset. Your presets all currently have 1 style but your config has 2 blades in it so you need to add a 2nd style to each preset.
If you’re not used to working on a config, try this tool, just watch video at top and read everything and it will walk you through building.

i see, but since mine is a sabertrio reaver, even tho the NUM_BLADES is 2 , i only have 1 blade, i will keep testing it and let you know.

@Sabertrio_Support may be able to help then. When you have 2 blades defined you need 2 styles, if you don’t have 2 blades then you should fix the config so it’s 1 blade.

Your config file is missing this:

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Hey there! @profezzorn’s solution in the previous post should allow your config to compile properly. If your Reaver came with an illuminated switch, it’s best to leave the NUM_BLADES kept at 2 and make sure that each sound font profile includes the following within their brackets, and before the closing bracket:

StylePtr<WHITE>(), ""

In short: The second blade referred to in NUM_BLADES is the illuminated switch (if present), and second StylePtr is just the code for it to light up.

Thanks i’ll try