Need help with proffie compile

tried it on 2 other pc’s didnt show up on either arduino and zadig i think the board is just broken

zadig doesn’t help in this case, only BOOT+RESET does. (zadig helps if the device shows up, but cannot be programmed)

However, if you’ve tried BOOT+RESET on different cables and different computers, and it doesn’t show up as STM32 BOOTLOADER among the usb devices connected on your computer, then yes, the board is probably broken.

If this is a recent purchase, I recommend reaching out to the seller and see what kind of warranty they have.

i did, it doesnt show up and nothing happens when i do the boot reset. thank you for the help, already contacted the company.

config file too large, reduce a prrset and try again. Get rid of pov blade if stock config. Theres a couple other tricks to reduce size. Post your config, and keep us up to date.

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