My proffieboard says "not connected" in arduino (I tried multiple data cables and did the zadig thing)

Im new to this and I watched a ton of videos. I updated the drivers via zadig but in the beggining it showed as “serial interface” but after I clicked the BOOT and RESET button it showed as STMBOOTLOADER32 or whatever it is. The problem is when I go into arduino connect the board and Install the plugin my board still says not connected. I need Help ASAP!

If your board is in “STM32 BOOTLOADER” mode, then you can program it without having a port in Arduino → Tools → Port. (Not sure if that’s what you mean when you say the board is not connected though.)

Note that in normal operation, you never need to press BOOT+RESET.

Well when I first connected the board to my pc it was recognized as “serial” and when I hold the buttons it turns to STM32BOOTLOADER. If I disconnect the board and reconnect it it shows as “serial” again. I have updated the drivers in zadig,downloaded the proffie plugin for arduino and when I connect the board to the PC and open arduino in the bottom right it says “proffieboard V2 not connected” even if Im using a data cable

Did you select the right port in Arduino → Tools → Port?

It doesn’t even let me click on port it’s like a bit of a darker shade and it’s not clickable.

Is your board connected and in “serial” mode?

yes currently in device manager it is shown as “serial”

Weird, seems like you should see and be able to select the port then.
What version of Arduino do you have?
And did you install the Arduino-proffieboard plugin?

yes I did install the plugin and im running the lates arduino version. At least I think I downloaded it. i got this link “” and i putted it in prefrences/additional boards… I can send a screenshot

I have installed everything as I have shown in my other reply and still when I connect my board to the PC the PC recognizes it but in Arduino it says “proffieboard V2 not connected”

What version of Arduino do you have?

So, what are you trying to do when it says “proffieboard v2 not connected” ?
If that error message is in the red text box, can you show all the text that’s in there for context?

2.2.1 I think It was the latest on their website. Im also running windows 11 if thats a problem

I try to plug the board back in and my pc makes a noise when I plug it in it’s just that arduino doesn’t recognize it at all even when I downloaded the plugin. It doesn’t appear in ports or anything and as I said in the very bottom of my screen in the right corner it says “proffieboard v2 “not connected” “

I made proggress…at least I think so. I downloaded an older version(1.8.3) and I putted the board into bootloader mode but then I got an error saying “Board ProffieboardV2-L433CC (platform stm32l4, package proffieboard) is unknown” and “Error compiling for board Proffieboard V2.”

1.8.3 is very old, there may be other problems with something that old.
I would recommend 1.8.19 or the latest version.

If there is an error compiling, you can paste the full error here and we can try to help you figure out what it means.

the version is not the problem in this case but I will try the one you recommended. I was using the latest version and still couldn’t get arduino to see the board

Yk what man Im giving up It doesn’t even let me install arduino because it says I already have it installed after I deleted it and tbh it doesn’t really make sense risking to ruin my saber because I don’t know how to program it just for an Unstable effect like kylo ren’s. Thanks for the help tho

This worked for me nasko.