Mounting sd card and the board causes the automount to not find a disk

Hi all,

so I noticed that if I try to connect my proffieboard without the sdcard I get this error.

Screenshot 2021-04-17 212919

I hit the cancel but it keeps on popping up.

now I believe it is because I uploaded the config to have serial + mass storage which means that if i use an sdcard reader I will then need to have the sd card mounted to the proffieboard. right?

This is a known problem. It hasn’t been very high priority to fix it because most people do have an sd card in the proffie when programming it.

Workarounds include:

  1. Put the sd card back in the proffie before attaching to a computer.
  2. Reprogram the proffie without the mass storage option.
  3. Ignore the error as programming works anyways.
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I wasn’t sure if it was known but thanks that’s what I do.