Maybe a stupid question?

Is it normal behavior for a proffie saber to be louder and sound cleaner with no blade? I’ve noticed when my blade is in I get more distortion/grittier sound. This is with a full battery.

The battery certainly has less current drawn when no blade is being powered.
It also could be part of the acoustics of the hilt, where the blade plugs up some air porting.


The short answer, yes, depending on the build.

The long answer (YMMV but this is in my case) the battery is rarely a tie-in. I’ve seen this with certain sabers and in my case I have two saber hilts that due to chassis design allow sound to also travel up through the emitters and it just sounds cleaner. Putting a blade in simply acts as a closed port muffling the sound on them slightly. I even have this happen when I use a blade plug.

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I’ve made a short video clip of the issue I’m having but it says I can’t post video file types when I try here. I’m not sure how to go about sharing it so you all can watch it.

Upload it to youtube, google drive or google photos , make sure it’s public or “anybody with the link can view” and post the link here.

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I uploaded it. Both sabers in the set do it. I’ve also tried swapping the speakers from the kr 24mm that came with to smugglers outpost elite 24mm.