“Low Battery” warning in Idle Sleep

So Proffieboard will say “Low Battery” warning if it’s in Idle Sleep when battery discharged to a certain voltage, correct? How can I disable this warning? So it didn’t do any sounds when battery dies.

To ungracefully just kill low battery warning 100% I think you could comment out

case EFFECT_LOW_BATTERY: SB_LowBatt(); return;

in hybrid_font.h.
To make it only do it once your IDLE_OFF_TIME has expired would be a few more lines making it conditional.

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or, add:

void CheckLowBattery() override {}

to your prop class.
This disables the low battery warning completely.
You could also replace that function with one that works the way you want to.
For reference, the original is here:

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Perfect, thanks guys!

ignore my hackery :man_facepalming:

Your change has the advantage of leaving the turn-saber-off-when-battery-is-low is intact though.

Just killing the audible warning, yeah.
But I like that your example shows how to get it recognized in the prop and not have to edit a system level file.

So I’m interested in something similar, (modifying prop file only, leaving the system file alone).
Self-teaching briefly, it seems a derived class and/or override of a function in hybrid_font is not as easy since the quoted suggestion involves the Propbase class, whereas hybrid_font is Saberbase.

How could I “override” the SB_LowBatt() in hybrid_font from within a prop file?

I don’t think there is a way to do that.

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