Locking rotary kill key using covertec wheel?

Thought experiment.

Imagine a covertec wheel that had some sort of 3 position locking mechanism holding a rotating kill key.

  1. Kill key engaged, covertec secure in hilt
  2. Kill key disengaged, saber powered, covertec secured in hilt
  3. Unlocked, covertec/kill key can be removed from hilt giving access to recharge port.

Besides cost of mass production and complexity vs just having a regular exposed recharge port or kill switch, help me identify potential issues with this design.


Has this been attempted before?

Do you imagine this covertec being actually useful for holding a hilt to a belt?
Not sure if a lot of people do that though, the covertec on my OWK1 is a bit flimsy for it.

I have a combination d-ring/covertec on my Kennedy Custom Props hilt that can be safely used for both. It’s very solid.

I have kagemitsu g4 (not yet installed) which has a hole in the covertec big enough to install a small charge port. Seems like an alternate way to do what you want maybe?

Not so much. But my limited experience is that most of them seem just held on by a few threads using a small hex screw anyway. But yeah, plus it turning when hanging from the belt would be a problem to solve.

That’s so simple, I never even thought about doing it that way lol.