Latest error


please help. need a second set of eyes

my config


Cylon has 3 styles in the preset, but you have 1 blade.

Hey NoSloppy. For some reason, the creator of the font also made the blade preset.

Regardless of who made the preset, the number of styles in it has to match the number of blades, or it will not work properly. Most likely, you’ll just want to delete (or comment out) the second and third style from the preset.

I deleted one entire preset. fixed the Cylon and now this



BTW, tested every StylePtr from the Cylon individually with the style editor. all 3 together,I get the blade style that I want. when tested indivually, they are different blade style and none are close to what is supposed to be

You may need to delete more, because it doesn’t all fit:
region `FLASH’ overflowed by 10808 bytes

Thank you. I will pick this up tomorrow. Good night now to all.