Is there any way too add multiple tracks too a single font/preset?

i was wondering if there’s any way to program multiple tracks in a single font? currently i have one on each. also for a one button saber what do you recommend I bind my quotes too?

Heres my config: #ifdef CONFIG_TOP#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"#define NUM_BLADES 1#d -

Currently, there is not a way to have multiple tracks for the same font.
It’s been suggested before, but when I ask people how they want it to work, details are pretty fuzzy.

Usually quotes are done with the “force” effect, which seems to be bound to hold-and-twist in the sa22c prop. I suppose you could re-bind it to triple-click or something if you want to.

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I was recently wondering this same thing. Too bad it’s not possible.

Can we have it so that a track is picked randomly just like ignition and retraction sounds are? Of course, this means that if you have two or more tracks of very different moods, i.e. peaceful and combat, it’s going to be “a box of chocolates” every time. But then again, if you have a dark font, would you likely have anything else than epic tracks in it? Then random works well, I’d say.

It would be relatively easy to make it so that if the track string is “”, we check the “track” effect instead. Then you could have track/001.wav track/002.wav etc. in your config file. It would pick randomly, but it would be specific to the font, so you can separate your light and dark tracks.

You could then set your font search path to something like "fontname;dark_tracks;common", that way all your dark presets could share a set of tracks.

You mean like a Track Player that maybe let’s you pick a track to play and has a Random playback option, along with say maybe a Loop and Rotate mode as well :thinking:


Wow, sweet! “Is it possible to learn this power?” Or is it also only available starting from OS6? I just got to terms with 5.9, and the last time I installed anything, it was OS4.7. I can’t handle this much new stuff, especially given that every time you release new stuff, I have to spend 2 days trying to compare your new button prop file to my modified one (based on yours) and add and map all the new stuff. :wink:

No, Track Player leverages Edit Mode functionality it won’t run without my prop and OS6. You’ll want to use the new prop for OS6, there’s way too many changes and new stuff, it’s pretty much a completely new prop for OS6.

After I’ve gotten everything just the way I like, combining with gestures like “double click power for Force”, all of it will be wasted… :sob:

I guess I’ll just have to redefine a few gestures in your new file and learn to live with it. Obviously, I’m not actually unhappy about this; you do amazing stuff and deserve all the praise! Any grumbling about any new features you introduce is purely cosmetic. :wink:


You can change up controls in my prop, but I’d wait until it’s full release as I’ve been making updates and improvements. I just wouldn’t try to grab pieces from the OS6 version and move to older or modified version as nearly all aspects of the prop are new or updated and many pieces are related to each other.

It took a long time to get everything to work in harmony so you’ll want to make sure test thoroughly if you are making changes, there’s considerably more code and features in the OS6 prop and getting it to all work together took a long time.


That is the understatement of the year lol


hey DOES anyone know how long os6 has been in development?

february 2020 JUST saying. @NoSloppy ya not wrong dude, when fett263 says updates and improvements we think 1 million years of evolution.

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