Is there a kind of 'NullPtr' for blades in config?

Hi, I wonder if there is any kind of dummy for blades in config.

I have 2 Blades with BladeID.
One is a blade with 474 Leds for all direction and the other is a blade with 122 neopixels.
I want to have separate access to the 4 Borders if the 2st blade is plugged.
But I do not need any special for the other blade.

The config want to have 4 blades for every bladeId.
What is best practice for the other 3 ?

SubBladeWithStride(0, 470, 4, WS281XBladePtr<474, …blah>,
SubBladeWithStride(1, 471, 4, NULL),
SubBladeWithStride(2, 472, 4, NULL),
SubBladeWithStride(3, 473, 4, NULL),
WS281XBladePtr<122, …blah>,

BTW: Why does nobody talks about the Tritium Blade


This should work:

SimpleBladePtr<NoLED, NoLED, NoLED, NoLED, -1. -1, -1, -1>()

Another great nugget for the toolbox. Thanks Prof! Whenever I’ve had to use dummy blades before, I’ve had to set up a blade array using an unused LED pad - which is fine if the install has an unused pad. This new line means you can spec dummy arrays even when all the pads are used up!
Great to know! :+1: :smiley: