So I’m working on adding a setting for making it possible to have “outX.wav” follow “preonX.wav”, except I’m trying to make it work for any effect following any other effect. The generic term for this kind of 1:1 mapping is “injective”, but it’s a horrible name for a settting, so maybe someone else has a better idea for what this setting should be called? The setting will be in the font config file, but there will be a separate setting for each Effect. So it could be called ProffieOS.SFX.preon.injective = 1 (or something better…)


and is “presetX.wav” going to be a thing or is that preon?

Oops, edited and replaced “presetX” with “preonX”.
linked might be ok. Not super-descriptive, but at least it’s not a term from the third hell of dante’s principia mathematica.

How about ‘mirrored’?

Maybe “paired” or “pair”?

Just checking this would not cross up the Select functions, correct? So SelectNext, SelectFloat, SelectOddEven should all run as expected this would just keep connected SFX sounds “paired”.

A little out of my depth here but I will have a go none the less.
Maybe something like

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This is why it would be cool.


So far “linked” or “paired” sounds best to me.

Paired has been the nomenclature so far, such as in blaster.h, so it’s familiar and somewhat descriptive. Unless those existing bits of code are to remain, in which case it’s a conflict of interest.