INI File corruption

Hey folks - just installed a V3 Proffie using v7.8 and I’m getting some strange INI file corruption when using the WebUI and editor. It’s adding a bunch of gibberish characters at the beginning and ends of all my INI files and each of them is exactly 256K in size. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I’ve got Serial + WebUI enabled and am using Fett263’s config generator if it makes any difference. Example attached:
global.ini (256 KB)

That is normal.

Oooh! Fancy! Thanks! If I go in and manually edit the ini after removing the first 512 bytes, will ProffieOS then fix it with the proper header next time an edit is made on the saber or does it stay in compatibility mode?

I recommend using the script to revert the files back to the old format:

ProffieOS will add the headers back on again next time an edit is made.

Ah, cool beans! Thanks!