Independent blades control

Hello. Quick question is it possible to use a 2nd pin on the Proffieboard for blade ID? I’d like to be able to detect 2 separate blades (I’m making a custom dual lightsaber) and have my config change automatically depending on which set of blades I’m using at the time. For example, I’d like the colour to change from blue to green when I swap from a long blade to a short blade, but this might be only on one side of my saber. The other side would then stay the same. Apologies if this isn’t the best description. Many thanks in advance.

Yes, but with two caveats:

  1. Any pins used for blade ID must be analog-capable, which means data1, data3 or data4. None of the other pins can do this.
  2. It would require a little coding, as you would need to write your own blade-id class. That class just has to turn on the blades, do analogread on both of them and then return one number which determines which entry to pick from the blade array. Shouldn’t be too difficult to write, and if you have problems with it I can help.

Hiya. Thank you so much for replying to me. Ah I think I understand. So I can get the 2 pins I select to read the value for each blade that is in, get a combined value, and then equate that value to the set-up (e.g. 2 long blades, 1 long and 1 short, or both short). I can then define a config that matches up with each value. I’ve had a look in the blade_id file, and I can see the process that is going on, but my coding knowledge is waaaaay lacking. I’ll ask one of my colleagues at work how we would go about writing a new class as he will probably have a much better understanding of it all. Many thanks again.