I can’t get my config working with the fett263 prop file

default_proffieboard_config.h (29.1 KB)

What is this?
This doesn’t belong in your config, remove.

I would review the Set Up Requirements and defines
You’re missing required “common” folder and you have several defines that don’t do anything or are incomplete.

Where do I add the common folder? I’ve put it in my config before and I have it, but every time I use my saber it says “file directory not found” I think I have it in the wrong spot

You need to get the Voice Pack as described in the Set Up instructions and add as “common” in the root on your SD card. It’s all covered on the linked page.

When I add it to the root directory proffie os can’t find it.

Update, I got it to work! Thank you so much I know this was a long process

Glad to hear. Enjoy.