How to use Special Ability buttons to select styles?

I would like to use EFFECT_USER3 and EFFECT_USER4 to select next/previous styles (or other options).

I know how to do change styles with ColorSelect, but I can’t find any info or examples how to achieve this with the Special Ability buttons.

Probably best to wait for the OS7 Library. I’m currently building the interface to enable theses types of features to work with my prop. Special Abilities are very different from normal EFFECTs.

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Ok thanks, looking forward to use these features.

I don’t mean to seem like I’m rushing you, but how far along are you with the OS7 library? I’m just so excited to use all the new features.

I don’t have an exact ETA, it’s about 90% for what will be Phase One but a few pieces are proving to be a little tricky. Once I tackle them I have to test everything and then I’ll be announcing an “Early Access Beta” for all of my Patreon patrons. Hoping to be in the next few weeks if all comes together.