How to troubleshoot a failed upload?

So if a config file verifies and uploads to completion, but the saber becomes unresponsive (won’t turn on), is there a way to use Arduino or something else to troubleshoot it?

I’m still having issues where it’s not a config file mistake, and it’s flashing properly, but there’s something in it that isn’t jiving and I can’t figure out what it is.

When does it become unresponsive? Have you tested while using the logging console?

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Lol, see that’s the thing, I’m learning as I go, and I don’t know how to use the logging console. In fact this is the first I’ve heard of it.

The saber is locked up as soon as the upload completes. It gives the progress bar, shows 100% and opens the SD card, but doesn’t play the font boot wav, and is totally unresponsive.

And the config file passes inspection for errors, so it’s not a missed bracket or comma. Something in one of my blade styles is causing a sort of cumulative error, where they all work individually but not together.

I can fix it by uploading my previous config minus the last change I made. But the change I’m trying to make shouldn’t be a problem, Its just a blast effect that is being used on multiple other blade styles.

Is there a way to use the serial monitor in Arduino to talk to the saber and give me some clues? Or is it too late once it’s crashed?

Also I should add, I’m only running 4 fonts and 4 blade styles, and the fonts are all “stock” Fett263 styles made with his OS6 style library. I’m not monkeying with them in the config.

If I sent you the last blade style that is causing the lockup, you could test it and it would work fine.

So, yeah, I’m just curious now, what weird code demon did I summon, and is there a way to have it pointed out , like yep, here I am, here’s why I’m crashing.

If you have SD mounted via Arduino, it won’t play any sounds because the board can’t read the contents since it’s accessed by the computer. Maybe share the two configs? Have you got it set to save your settings between sessions with #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING?

I’m not using that define currently. I’m not sure what it does, googling now

Edit: oh yeah, that one, I’m not using it because my saber isn’t where I want it yet and I’m not using edit mode.

I think I explained the sound part wrong.

When I do an upload to my saber, (battery out, kill switch set to off) once the upload is complete, the saber will play the boot sound of my primary font using the power provided through the data cable. The resulting sound is weak and garbled, but it does this on every upload that works. If it doesn’t play, it doesn’t work.

are ypu able to plug into usb when battery is in? If saber boots like that, but wont boot on battery alone, you may have a bad component on your board. This may be hardware, not software.

Yes, you can and should plug into serial monitor to see what proffieboard is and usnt doing. Seeial momitor is accessed via tools tab in Arduino. You must be plugged in, and port selected.

Haven’t tried that yet, but I think my post is a little confusing. The saber works just fine as is right now.

I have 4 blade styles and 4 fonts.

I don’t like my Obiwan blade style.

When I create a new blade style using the Fett263 style library that’s identical to the one I am replacing with 1 minor change, the saber will verify, compile and upload, but not work.

If I re flash with my previous config it works fine.

It’s not a spelling error, my brackets and commas are good to go, I’ve run the blade style and it checks out. All the font and track stuff is unchanged. In fact, it’s identical to my Vader style that runs fine, only in deep sky blue instead of red.

My question is, after I attempt my “non working” config, and the saber won’t turn on, is there a way to run some kind of diagnostic on it when it is locked up that will point me in the direction of why it is happening.

It’s the tiniest little change, that should work fine, and for my sanity, I have to know why lol.

I thought I found a fix before, but it is happening again and I’m stumped.

Post the style code that locks up the board to see if it’s the style or something else. Unfortunately, if the board is truly locked up there wont be output in the Serial Monitor.

You may also want to confirm your Proffieboard plugin in Arduino is 3.6.0. You will experience multiple issues with OS6 if you have an older plugin.

Tools > Board > Board Manager

find Proffieboard plugin and confirm 3.6.0 is installed.

If not, that is most likely the cause of all of your issues. If you update to 3.6.0 and upload it will resolve.

Yeah we checked the style code before, it works fine. That’s what is so weird, it’s not causing the lockup by itself, but the combination of changing one parameter in the blade style, when added to the rest of my config just won’t work.

Proffie pluggin is 3.6.0

It’s got me totally baffled.

I really appreciate the help, and it’s not a big deal by any means, I just like troubleshooting. If something isn’t working, I enjoy finding out why.

I was hoping someone was gonna say there’s a program to try and read the board even if it won’t boot.

Remove your SD and see if the style still locks up, my hunch is your SD speed or something on the SD is corrupted and causing the hang up.

If the style runs fine without the SD inserted (without sound obviously) then the issue is your SD and not the OS or style.

It will say “SD card not found” etc. but should still run normally for lights.

If the board becomes totally unresponsive, it means that ProffieOS is crashing for some reason.
There is a lot of things that can cause crashes. Ideally, there wouldn’t be, but there is.

The first thing to do when that happens is to see if there is anything in the serial console (not logging console) that tells you why it’s crashing. If you’re lucky there is a message there that you can post here, and someone (me) can explain exactly what the problem is.

In most cases, the easiest way to find what is causing a crash is to use a debugger. Most people don’t have a debugger handy, don’t know how to use it, and wouldn’t want to hook up the extra wires needed for it anyways. However, I do have a debugger, and it’s easy for me to try a configuration to see if it crashes for me too. Since I have a debugger, know how to use it and have the wires already hooked up, it may be super-easy for me to tell what the problem is. However, I need the full config file to try it. (Or the entire ProffieOS directory if you have made changes to other files as well.)

In your specific case, the problem occurs when you make a small change somewhere, if you post both the working and non-working config files, we may be able to figure out what the problem is by just looking at what you are changing. If not, it’s back to the debugger…

Oh, and please don’t worry about being a bother or anything. If you are having a problem like this, it’s likely that other people have the problem as well. Once we figure out what the problem is, the resulting thread my help lots of people. Or, depending on what the problem is, I might be able to make changes to ProffieOS that makes those sort of problems easier to deal with in the future. Finding and fixing problems like this is how we make ProffieOS better.


Can you remove the SD card?
I would definitely just swap SD card for a freshly formatted one, add the 4 fonts, test.
Upload without Mass Storage set. ( Tools>USB Type> to just plain Serial)

I’ve actually got like 9 SD cards lol. 3 of them brand new that get 14+ simultaneous streams when tested. I’ve pretty much ruled out the SD card as being the culprit.

I’ll try the upload using serial only.

Oh and I haven’t changed anything in my Proffie OS folder besides adding my config, and the basics for setting up Fetts prop file and edit mode (The voice pack and track folder to the common folder),
though I am not currently using edit mode.

I may wipe my Proffie OS folder and start fresh with default settings, as I haven’t tried that yet.

I’ll report back this weekend sometime hopefully.

Thank you all.

Have you tested without the SD card inserted? That would truly rule out the SD or fonts being the issue.

If it persists with the SD card out post the two styles as profezzorn notes. Then we can have a look at them and he can run his debugger.

Sounds like a plan. It will be a few days. I’m working nights and have 5 force draining Padawans to wrangle, so my saber tinkering time is limited.

Ok so an update. After building up a fresh config, and doing a fresh format and using my best SD card I am running my 4 fonts and blade styles, exactly how I want, optimized for fastest code, and it’s all working great.

My overzealous editing and lack of adherence to the scientific method has left me unable to isolate and reproduce the point of failure that was holding up my previous config file.

But, learned a ton, found new questions to ask, and have my saber just how I want it.

Thank you all for your patience and assistance.

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