How to make a standard led blink

I have a friend who wants to make a standard led (not noepixel). blink or flicker in an on or off state?

Style would be the same, only difference would be if it’s a single color LED you’d want “White” for full brightness, if its RGB then colors would work the same as well. You can use the library for Accent or Crystal styles to generate the code.

Can you send me an example for a non pixal led. Because I am not seeing it.

I only see the code for a neopixel. Not for like a AV swtich led.


The style code is the same, just pick what you want.

Example, this will have a Rotoscope flicker while on and blink while off. But it can be whatever you want, the Accent Led option builder let’s you do anything you want.

/* copyright Fett263 Rotoscope (Accent LED / PCB) OS6 Style
OS6.7 v4.015
Single Style
Base Style: Hyper Responsive Rotoscope (Original Trilogy)

Off Behavior: Blinking On-Off

Base Color: Rgb<255,0,0> (0)

--Effects Included--
Ignition Effect: Instant
Retraction Effect: Instant

So far everybody has assumed that you know how to make the blades[] array for the regular pixel and how to wire it. Is that the case?

I have no I idea how to do a standard led. If it were up to me. We would use neopixels from here on out.

Thats why I was asking.

But some saber makers use the simple LEDS.

Standard LEDs are just one third of a neopixel. :slight_smile:
You use the blade array to specify exactly which third using SimpleBladePtr.

So you mean setting up BladeConfig for it? See the link profezzorn just provided.

If its a single color LED it would be something like

SimpleBladePtr<CreeXPE2WhiteTemplate<550>, NoLED, NoLED, NoLED, bladePowerPin6, -1, -1, -1>()

And you’ll want your styles to use White to fully illuminate the LED in its color.

Profezzorn’s configurator can generate for you (use the 3rd Blade / Led dropdown to choose “crystal chamber” it would be same for single LED whether its actually a crystal or just solo LED) with the wiring diagram or the manual shows examples and the BladeConfig as well.

I suggested it to my cohort but being I dont know how its wired. I couldnt tell you.

Yeah, if it’s already installed you’d need to know how its wired if the original config isn’t available.