Hot CPU, no USB response...dead?

I just replaced a 3.3v regulator on a board that was only giving 1.x on the 3.3vpad.
Alas, it still only has 1.9v, does nothing as far as the computer is concerned when it’s been completely unwired, checked for shorts, all components accounted for, looks clean under microscope.
The CPU gets extremely hot very fast when USB plugged in (before I quickly unplug it).

The owner admitted that at one point he did have “the + and - reversed, and then data in the wrong spot.”
So anything else to check before I we call it dead with this one?

Reversing + and - should not damage a V2 proffieboard, but shorting other things might.

My guess is that the CPU has melted on the inside, causing a short inside the CPU. That short is drawing more than the regulator can handle, which is why the 3.3v pad isn’t reaching 3.3 volts.

Unless you want to try to replace the CPU, it’s probably dead.

ok thanks.