High LED count blades and how to make them smoother

So I’m building one of the new Tritium Sabers blades. Oddly enough, it’s got more LEDs than they even advertise, coming in at 474 total in an 82cm stick.

It’s also running them all in series, and I’ve heard from others that the animation is not exactly smooth.
From what I understand, this is why KR redid their pixel stick and made the V2 parallel, and why none of the other attempts at high LED count uber blades have really taken off.

Anyway, my question is, besides using the right wiring and battery, is there anything I can do/ need to do in the config to optimize for a blade like this?

For now, I would say that the most important thing is to turn on optimization.
That limits how many large styles you can have unless you have a V3 board though.

Using simpler styles might also help, not sure how big of an impact that makes though. Try one of the one-line styles from the configuration generator and see.

I’m probably going to make a pixel dubler thingy for ProffieOS 8.x to make these sticks perform more as if they were in parallel.


Excellent. It’s a V3, and I’m not planning on running anything crazy for blade styles, so I’ll be able to optimize it as “fastest” no problem.

Thank you.

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Oof, totally missed the thread you created. My bad.

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No worries! Just thought there might be a couple of helpful tidbits in that thread (doubling counts on Fire styles, etc)!

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