Help with re-wiring 89sabers core

Hi folks

I aquired a few days ago an 89 sabers and… Well, im still happy with my acquisition but, somewhat disappointed, specifically with the config file.

So, that is my first funtional saber, therefore I’m a noob in this lightsaber world.

I learned recently that to use the fett263 config file i need the 89sabers config file, and know exactly how the board is wired.

Which I don’t have and don’t know, and if i had it i would not know what to do with it. At least for now.

Im looking for workarounds, here goes my
main question:

¿is it possible to reset the proffie 2.2 board and re-wire everything from zero?

While it’s certainly helpful to have a starting config, it’s possible to recreate one with trial and error.

Most sabers tend to be wired similarly, especially if it’s a more basic setup. Most of the time the main blade is on LED pads 2 and 3, and data is on the first data pin.

If I were you I wouldn’t mess with trying to rewrite anything, it’s almost certainly not necessary.

I’d recommend taking a look at the ProffieConfig tool, as it’ll teach you how it all works interactively, and then you can start with a basic config just using defaults and based on what you know about the saber from using it.

You won’t damage anything by setting a wrong config, so it’s just a matter of a bit of trial and error.

Assuming you are using an 89Sabers factory installed saber with one of their universal chassis, I can help you with config files–I may either have one for your specific saber, or be able to create one. I’m acquainted with most of their sabers (all except for the cross-guard sabers, I don’t have one of those yet).

I am also well acquainted with the shortcomings of their wiring, and if you decide you do want to rewire it–I’ve found a source for their 13 pin connectors and can provide the pinouts (if you want to salvage any of it or maintain some backward compatibility).