Help updating proffieOS/error in compile

heres this.

and heres the error message. im trying to update proffie…are we still on v2 or v3? it keeps telling me to switch to v3.

please help folks!

The top of your config should be:

#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"

Also, and I don’t know why I’ve seen it several times in people’s configs, but the CONFIG_PROP section has #include "../sound/sound_library.h"
Is this a Sabertrio?
That’s redundant and doesn’t belong there as it’s taken care of already by the prop file.

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why is it saying this? i cant find whats wrong.
my config is on this thread in my previous question.

its from darkwolf. its a proffie from there too…the newest one the saber i got from ziasabers so im not sure where its really from.

Your first post pastebin config compiles fine once the board version is set to V2, however it’s too big. I got FLASH' overflowed by 28600

If you’re getting a different error (something missing right above line 128) then you changed something since the first post.


ohhh ok thanks bud!