Gesture Control defines not working

I’m very new to proffieboards, and I had ordered a v2.2 off of the Neosabers website (Jade II Starkiller). I have not messed around with making any new blade styles as of yet. The only thing I have been trying to do is enable gesture controls. My sd card had included different config files that accommodate for blade length, and gesture controls. Basically it adds those #define commands for me. Twist on/off, swing on, etc. After uploading these and realizing they don’t work, I just tried to take the default config from the saber and add it myself.

The configs use the BC_Buttons prop file.

After copy/pasting them in myself and uploading it into my board, it still doesn’t work.
FYI all of the blade styles are the ones that came out of the box, but it advertised that all I needed to do was add in the define codes in order to enable gestures. So, I’m not sure if it has to to with the presets themselves not knowing what to do with gesture controls or not (this could be an easy ass answer for me, to which I’ll just figure out how to make a blade style on Fett263).

I’m including my config file in this pastebin link:

Any insight on this would be awesome. I’ve been banging my head against a keyboard for two days just trying to do a silly little twist ignition.

(One button, crystal chamber, yadda yadda)

The configuration file you provided looks correct.

Are you sure you uploaded properly? ProffieOS Documentation: Is it uploading?

You can’t just change the file on the SD card, you have to use dedicated software, either Arduino or ProffieConfig in order to actually apply the configuration to your proffieboard. (Otherwise it does nothing)

With BC’s prop file, this is correct, it supports gesture controls, and all that is required is adding the #define and uploading.

I assume you mean the blade styles, in which case, no, blade styles have no impact on gesture controls (at least the ones you’re interested in such as swing on).

What version of ProffieOS do you have?