Garbled sound after Arduino upload

Hello. I have a working V1.5 board. I have successfully uploaded to it many times with Arduino V1.8.8 on my original PC. I am currently running OS 4.7, but I will update to 6.9. I installed Arduino, the Proffie plugin, and ran Zadig on a new Windows 10 PC. However, when I upload from OS 4.7 the same config file as what I upload from the original PC, I get very garbled unrecognizable sound. On the new PC I tried Arduino V1.8.19 and 2.1, with the same results. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Is this with or without battery power?

With or without. If I upload again from my original PC, everything is fine.

Just an update. I changed the driver using Zadig to libusbK and then installed “proffie-dfu-setup.exe”. I can still upload to the board, but I get the same results. A strange garbled sound instead of my normal sounds. This is with battery power or powered from the USB connection.

If I remember correctly, 4.7 has a bug (which was fixed in 4.8 and later versions).
That bug didn’t cause any problems if you used an older version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin, but causes super-slow and weird sound with newer versions of the arduino-proffieboard plugin.

Thanks for the reply. Ok. So, if I’m upgrading OS, and follow the V6.x steps correctly, this should go away? I guess I could also remove the Proffieboard plugin and install an older plugin, but that would probably defeat the purpose of going to V6.x.

Yes, that is correct.