Frequency Range for S.O. Speakers?

Does anyone happen to know the low end range of 24mm Smuggler’s Outpost elite speakers? Trying to determine what to set my cutoff frequency to in my config.

If you have a decent microphone, you could play this, record it and see what frequencies actually come out…


Out of interest, do you happen to know what the range of that audio file is Prof, i.e. what’s its lowest and highest frequencies? The top end didn’t seem that high (albeit plenty high enough for lightsaber tests).

It’s meant to test the low end.
I think it starts at 10Hz and ends at 2000Hz.

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Yeh, that sounds right. Playing it through a cheapo built-in PC speaker, you can’t hear anything for about the first 15 seconds as the speaker can’t resolve those frequencies - which kind of proves the concept. :slight_smile: Another good resource to have in the toolbox. :+1:

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In general, the frequency range for speakers in light sabers is usually in the range of 200 Hz to 20 kHz. This covers the sounds from deep bass to high treble, capturing the essence of the saber effects without losing clarity or impact. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the speakers I’ve tested the lower cutoff frequency does vary quite a bit though.
“Standard” speakers seem to give out somewhere in the 150-200 range, while “bass” speakers produce some sound all the way down to 60-80 Hz.

The way I measure probably doesn’t line up well with data sheets though since the standard method for speaker range is to cut it off once the output power goes down by half. In my measurements I cut it off once the output is hard to distinguish from background noise.

I have not measured this specific speaker though.


Thanks, I appreciate the info guys.

The frequency response of speakers can carry, with standard ones cutting off around 150-200 Hz, while bass speakers can go down to 60-80 Hz. The measurement methods can differ, often based on when the output is different from background noise rather than standard power reduction methods. Specific measurements for individual speakers may not always be available.

Feel free to add more specifics or any personal experiences if you have tested different speakers yourself !