Free Prop Sounds Page typo

Noticed an extra “e” in Chinese for the voice packs. (currently “Chineese”) here:

It’s phonetic :wink:
FYI, those files will be available from Github soon. Although the preview is nice on the current page.

Github is just the place to keep track of the files, the sound page will remain the same for downloads.

@NoSloppy Any chance we can get a couple more English voice packs in that clippy-robot type voice like Spanish_A? One female and one male? Only because it reminds me of a Latin Version of Proxy from Fallen Order.

It’s not impossible. Different effects is easy. Different content is another story.

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Awesome, I know I can’t be the only one who loves a good VoiceOver in the lines of Proxy or say, wait for it, Scorpio. :smiley:

*Back on topic, thx for allowing the detour.

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Typo fixed.