Font Directory not Found

So to start off, i bought this saber second hand. It’s from 89sabers, and it is a palpatine crystal version proffie


First and foremost i’m a little confused on how the saber has a crystal chamber, two led buttons, and a neopixel blade, when the board only indicates for one blade (at least i think)…

I then proceeded to turn the saber on, and to my surprise, it lit up perfectly, but i got “Font Directory Not Found” coming out for the sound…

I was a bit confused and began to take apart the saber, however when I take the blade off, it seems to work after restarting it (while no blade is on the saber ). So that pretty much ruled out the battery being drained as the issue.

I’m currently stuck trying to figure out where the problem is, how to fix it, or if it’s even fixable… ( (link to a video of

my problem) )

Please HELP!!

Is it wired to use blade detect or blade ID?
You should post your config file so we can see what it’s programmed to do.

This looks like a weird blade ID setup, and if so, it will be fixed once you configure it correctly.
Do you have the actual config file it’s using? If so, can you post it so we can take a look?

i’m not sure if you guys seen the video i have linked on youtube, where i show my saber.

it has a crystal chamber and the two buttons which made me think something with the chamber is messing it up.

Well, this config doesn’t have any blade ID in it.
If you use the pwd command in the serial monitor after it says “font directory not found”, what does it say?

89Sabers wires everything in parallel, so the first pixel will be the crystal, the first pixel on the hilt pcb, and the first pixel in the blade–on data pin 1. your config has 2 blades defined, the second blade will be for the buttons on data pin 2. I have an 89Sabers that had the same sound fonts loaded and a similar config.

My suggestion is an SD card problem–maybe a missing font folder, corrupted, or misspelled–although the font names match my folders exactly–so maybe when the SD card was loaded, a folder name was accidentally changed.

Did you try cycling through all the fonts or just some?
Have you tried reading the SD card directly in your computer–check the font folder names, etc.

I just had an 89 Sabers install in for repair and noticed there is a typo on the TeensySF font as it’s spelt TeenysSF. As long as it’s the same in both config and SD card (which it was on the hilt I had) it doesn’t matter. but if someone has to tried to ‘help’ by correcting one but not the other, you’ll get that error.

I’m curious if it’s a battery current draw issue. What rating is the battery? Looks like one of those grey wrapped “saberstudio” ones.
Inserting and removing the blade should have no effect other than the blade lighting up. In his case, it’s “knocking out” the audio, as if the sudden draw from the pixels is starving the SD card power or something. Notice how it didn’t come back after removing the blade, only on power cycle.
“Font directory not found” is not a problem when it’s running right, so mismatched font names in the config vs directory names doesn’t seem to be relevant.
Also, the 5V pad is soldered to something, so who knows?
Did they wire the 5V pad to the main blade thinking that’s how it works instead of direct from battery (+) ?