Flashed board, No longer detectable by computer

I have a Qui Gon saber from Darkwolf and the Proffie set up is odd but manageable. I flashed a new blade style with some difficulty as the board didn’t want to flash correctly at first. Afterwards the board got warm and entered a boot loop till I turned it on and off. However the board will get warm when plugged into the computer directly. The board makes connection noises but is not listed on devices or arduino.

I’m just wondering if it could be short through flashing the config file or something else.

Define “warm.” If you try and hold your finger to the MCU, does it burn (i.e. are you not able to hold your finger there)?

If it’s hot to the point you can’t hold your finger on it, then the board has suffered a hardware failure. “Why?” could be a number of things, but

You won’t cause hardware damage via flashing a config file. But something else certainly could’ve happened to cause damage.

Assuming the board isn’t damaged (as described above), you’re probably fine. Just enter bootloader mode and flash again. (The board won’t/doesn’t need to be detected)

If you keep having issues, knowing what you mean by “didn’t want to flash correctly” would be helpful… what exact errors/issues were you experiencing?

When the actually battery is plugged in I can, when it’s plugged into the board I cannot. It’s odd.

I’ve attempted to enter boot loader but nothing has come of it. The saber when the battery is connected will act perfectly fine with little to no heat observed, but the power directly to the board heat is observed.

Hmm… well that doesn’t bode well. @profezzorn would know better whether or not that’s salvageable. Generally though when electronics get hot they’re either dead or it’s just a matter of time until they give out.

Indeed. I’ve had shortages 2 times from Darkwolf on Proffies and have never used the wrong equipment.

Charging blocks are all correct, cords are good etc.

What disturbs me is that there is no heat while it’s on and running. So, I’m at a loss lol

CPUs are complicated, and made up of a bunch of “stuff”.
Shorts can be present in some particular part of the CPU, and using those parts will not work and/or create heat. Generally, it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on and what works and what doesn’t, but one thing is for sure: Heat is bad.