False Low Battery Warning

Check the other diodes too.

Also note, 5v on 5v pad when booted, not blade on. Not even SD in slot, so only sound is talkie “low battery”

All 3 diodes same 4.8 on the inside.
Pad sides:
D61 = batt voltage
D63 = 5.1v (expected)
D62 = nothing.

Ok, so this board must have a short between the input and output of the 3.3v regulator.
I’m surprised it hasn’t burned up yet.
The 3.3v input is used as a reference when calculating the battery voltage, so if the 3.3v input is high, then the battery voltage looks low.

I’ll swap U60 and see what happens. Thanks.

@Ryan_B New U60 in place, full battery reported. :slight_smile:

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Nice job. A little too much solder, but if it works it works. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. So small!
Yes, that’s an after patch. Apparently I didn’t have enough paste on the pad when reflowing the new chip on initially because the board didn’t work at all. Had to dab a bit with a pin just outside the contacts and let it get sucked up like that. I cleaned the flux up.

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping get this fixed. I just installed this board and it is operating flawlessly! Thanks again