Failed my first step on new saber


I’m a brand new saber owner. Have a profile Pach Store Ultimate works install. Using a MacOS with latest OS update. Computer is basically brand new.

Using the configuration file given to me by the Pach Store. I haven’t changed a thing.

Went on to Proffieboard website. Downloaded the 6.7 software. Followed the steps. Put “my saber_config.h” into the config file in the ProffieOS software file. Dowloaded the Arduino plug in. Followed all the steps with the board manager and when i tried to compile/upload it just says “FAIL.”

I noticed that the Arduino software states that "proffieboard v2 [not connected]. Obviously I screwed some step up. Can’t figure it out.

I know this has been answered a million times. Please help. Very frustrated.

Did you go to the Port menu and select the Proffieboard so there’s a tick next to it?

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That seems unlikely.
Did you try scrolling up in the area at the bottom of arduino?
Can you use the “copy error message” button to copy the entire output and paste it here?
(Using ``` before and after the error text.)

Fett fixed me up. Thank you though…!