Edit Mode isnt working (fixed)

I recently changed my config (ill use pastebin). my config will compile and upload fine, the fonts work and there are no errors there. when i try to enter edit mode (done this plenty of times), i get an “error in audio directory” i usually get that when something is named right in the config file. i cant seem to figure out what im missing. any help is appreciated. its in paste bin as edit mode “error in audio directory”

You should check the common folder for something weird. If you haven’t customized it, a fresh copy might be all you need.
Otherwise, check that your preset font search pats are all formatted correctly and you didn’t miss a semicolon or adding the common font folder.

{ "Font;common",
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Interestingly, I was just talking about something like this.
Currently, I’m pretty sure you need to designate an actual track wav file in the track path, not leave it open ended at the parent directory like "common/tracks/"
However, I also don’t think that would generate a spoken error, so someone else will need to chime in.
All the font paths look right to me otherwise.

It’s probably saying “error in font directory”, and it means that it can’t find the audio library file. Have you downloaded a voice pack and unzipped into the common directory?

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“Error in Font directory” when trying to enter Edit Mode means the Voice Pack sounds are missing from “common” folder on your SD, as profezzorn notes, download and unzip the voice sounds to “common” if you’re using my prop, this is required for Edit Mode and other functionality. This is covered in the set up documentation.

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Thank you @Fett263 and @profezzorn. so i feel stupid. i moved the voice pack files into my tracks folder. fixed it. thanks for the help

you’re welcome, glad you got it sorted out.