Dual mode ignitions / retractions

Per this wiki:

In addition, you can set effects for Ignition, Preon and Retraction using BladeAngle<> to have unique effects for both positions (up or down) including setting up an effect for only one position if you desire.

How do you actually do this? For instance, if I wanted to just change the ignition time based on up or down orientation. I have searched here and Rebel Armory for an example but I haven’t been able to find one. I also don’t see any mention of it in the OS6 Style Library.

Look in InOutTrL.
The IN-OUT is your ignition, the OUT-IN is retraction.
The Transition (wipe) has a time in milliseconds.
You want to use the expanded X version of the transition so the value can be replaced with a function of BladeAngle. So TrWipe<300> would become TrWipeX<Int<300>>

BladeAngle’s 2 arguments are the extreme ends of the sweep, so you’ll probably want to lessen the range by 3000 or so?
(Fett263’s styles are a good place to look for these. He’s put a lot of time into trial and error to find what works best.)
You’ll also want BladeAngle in a Scale, making the slowest and fastest speeds something more reasonable than 0 or 32768.

“Dual Mode Wipe (Up = Fast)”, etc. are listed under Ignition or Retraction Options in Enhancements screen.

Or if you use my prop with


and set your Ignition or Retraction effect to “Auto” (0) in library they will automatically time to sound length creating the Dual Mode for you.

Awesome. Thank you!