"Done uploading" but it just counts 1 to 10 and it didn't really upload

Hi guys, I have an old V1.5 that I’m trying to get going again. It has an old config that works but I just can’t get it to receive a changed config file through Arduino. I am using all the updated software and the basic default_proffieboard_config.h (and then I will just change one thing to see if it actually works and it compiles fine) but when I hit the upload button it all seems to work except it actually doesn’t upload it and it just counts 1 to 10 in the red text area on the arduino software. After that the board basically disconnects and Arduino doesn’t see it anymore until I unplug and plug in the USB cord again. I must be missing something but I can’t figure it out. Any tips?

Choose Tools > Port and select your Proffieboard.

OK I have it selected when I upload, however when I just chose COM1 and did it I had the same problem so it must be a problem with how Arduino sees the board? It’s weird because it sees it but then doesn’t actually upload to it

Try this: Is it uploading? · profezzorn/ProffieOS Wiki · GitHub

This means your PC only sees the board when booted into ProffieOS, but not when it’s in bootloader mode.
This usually means you need to run Zadig to install the driver for STM32BOOTLOADER.

OK cool. However the only way I can get arduino software to see the board is to follow these instructions: Proffieboard, Zadig and Ports walkthrough - YouTube (uninstall the board (usb serial device) and driver from windows device manager). When I use zadig it doesn’t see it anymore

Then you didn’t set drivers up correctly. This covers.

OK I think my problem is that zadig isn’t actually updating the driver to WinUSB. I’m getting the red X for WCID, I wonder if that’s a problem

So right now here is my status.

Plug in board, devices and printers sees it as proffieboard. Arduino sees it in the port menu.

Boot+reset button on the board, now the devices and printers sees it as STM32 bootloader. Arduino no longer sees it (Fredrik says this is normal according to his troubleshooting page).

Zadig sees it as STM32 bootloader. I tell it to replace the driver with WinUSB 16385 and it then says the driver was installed correctly. however in the devices and printers when you look at the drivers for the stm32 bootloader device it still says it has Guillemot drivers and the upload in arduino does not work still. I have the red X on the WCID on zadig, not sure if thats the problem.

Thanks for your help guys, I think I’m making progress.

Maybe follow steps 1-2 from here:


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And that was the solution. Thanks!!!