Difference in Fett's library between Accent & crystal chamber?

Ideally for @Fett263 :slight_smile:
What’s the fundamental difference in the Style Library between accent/PCB and Crystal chamber?

Is accent led/PCB designed more for stright LEDs more than pixels?
I’m going to be doing a config for a saber with an accent strip (7 pixels) and a single pixel to illuminate the crystal

Should i use crystal chamber styles still to get normal animations on the single pixel accent & 7 pixel strip? As i want the powered off animations as well as on … just checking that the crystal chamber is similar to a quillion config except with the crystal supporting the powered off styles

Sorry if it’s really obvious - just wanted to double check :slight_smile:

Right now, there’s not too much different, the styles and options are just ordered differently based on what is typically used for either.
Technically any style can be used for any “blade”, the differentiation in the library is to help “guide” users to more common combinations for each.
Long term, future updates will have a little more difference but even then it’s more of a “guide” than any kind of “rule”.

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