Custom 10 pixel accent sequence

I have a pixel strip of 10 pixels and Id like to be able to create a custom sequence for each pixel. For example, lets say id like to mimmic Vader chest box sequence, each pixel will come on and off at certain times etc.

I don’t think subblades is the answer as this would be just for the vader font and the rest of the fonts can use normal 10 pixel accent styles from the library.

what are th emost basic codes I can use to build this sequence?


If you use Gradeient<COLOR1, COLOR2, ....> and the number of colors matches the number of pixels, then COLOR1 will match up exactly with the first LED, COLOR2 will match up with the second, etc.

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PS: COLOR is just a placeholder for any style, as per usual…

Ok let me try that. Thanks

OK so I was able to turn on the leds with the gradient like suggested (thank you), now how can I do a sequence?
for example lets pretend i have only 3 leds

  1. red, black, red
    wait 1 second
  2. black, black, red
    wait 500ms
  3. red, black, black
    wait 1 second
    4… etc

Im sorry if im asking dumb questions, i just want the simplest code possible so I can understand it and build up from there.

Ok I found another topic about 3 accent leds where Profezzorn suggested the sequence parameter and I got it working.

Each “COLOR” argument in the Gradient template can be substituted with a Layer.
So, you could build a layer for each sequence you want to do (seems like you want a repeating loop of blinking) and replace the COLOR with it. Timings can be whatever you want. Showing Black twice would just be a longer period of showing Black, but maybe something like this for your example (using 200ms for a blink, plus whatever delay):


As you see, there are several ways to achieve the same effect.

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